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Wine Bottle Glass

An awesome new way to consume your favorite drinks? Wine not?

This is definitely the best way to enjoy "one" glass of your favorite drinks!



The Wine Bottle Glass would definitely be a quirky addition to any liquor cabinet. This product is essentially a wine glass that can be installed on any bottled drink of your choice and converts it into a makeshift glass. With this, you can totally enjoy an entire bottle of wine in an entirely different way. This is definitely an awesome gift idea all your loved ones would love to have!

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase a Wine Bottle Glass now!




  • QUIRKY: Enjoy "one" glass of wine with this awesome Wine Bottle Glass! This product would make a hilarious gift to anyone who loves to drink wine as it can be installed into an entire bottle of wine and turned into a makeshift glass. It's definitely a novel and quirky gift idea for the next birthday, anniversary, or Christmas!
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The Wine Bottle Glass comes with a stopper on one end that you simply have to push down into the bottle. Once installed, wiggle it back and forth a bit just to make sure it's been securely fastened. Also make sure to give it a swig to see if it spills out (though we highly doubt it would, the stopper is made with rubber that's designed to be leakproof)!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The Wine Bottle Glass is very easy to clean. A simple brushing with some water and dish soap should be sufficient! This can also be put on the top rack of your dishwasher if you want a faster clean-up time!
  • VERSATILE: Did you know? The Wine Bottle Glass can be used with more than just wine! You can totally use these with any bottled drink such as juices and other hard liquors!
  • INNOVATIVE: Feeling a bit fancy? Try some experimentation with the Wine Bottle Glass! You can put in some flavored ice to give the drink some pop, or even put in some ice cream to convert your regular drinks to an awesome float!




  • Measurement: (14.3 x 7.5 cm)
  • Material: glass




  • 1 x Wine Bottle Glass Protection Status