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Tummy-Shaping Panty


Slip into your favorite outfit without having to worry about your figure today!

This is an instant solution to getting rid of that belly!



Boost your confidence today with the Tummy-Shaping Panty! This product hides away excess fat around your belly by tucking it inside. It is made with spandex and nylon and is extremely comfortable to wear, so much so that you can easily wear this all day with no problems at all. And, the best part is that no one will even know you're wearing it!

Wear that outfit you've always wanted to wear today with the amazing Tummy-Shaping Panty



  • SHAPING: Put the Tummy-Shaping Panty on and notice your waist become instantly flatter and smoother. This product was designed to hide excess fat around the stomach area to help you achieve a shapelier and slimmer figure!
  • COMFORTABLE: Whoever said that shapewear couldn't be comfy? The Tummy-Shaping Panty is made with high-quality nylon and spandex that is very soft to the touch. The material is also very breathable so you won't have to struggle with breathing like you would with other shapewear.
  • ANTI-SLIP: The Tummy-Shaping Panty has anti-slip silicone strips lining the top of the product to prevent it from rolling down while in use. This handy feature allows you to move around without constraints and without fear it rolling down!
  • INVISIBLE: The Tummy-Shaping Panty is entirely seamless and will barely show up under your clothes. No one would be able to tell that you're wearing them at all! This also ensures you can wear your favorite form-fitting outfit with no issues.




  • Measurement
    • S: 22.05 to 25.98" (56 to 66 cm)
    • M: 25.98 to 29.92" (66 to 76 cm)
    • L: 29.92 to 35.04" (76 to 89 cm)
    • XL: 35.04 to 40.16" (89 to 102 cm)
    • XXL: 40.16 to 45.28" (102 to 115 cm)
  • Recommended Weight
    • S: 88.18 to 110.23 lb (40 to 50 kg)
    • M: 110.23 to 132.27 lb (50 to 60 kg)
    • L: 132.27 to 165.35 lb (60 to 75 kg)
    • XL: 165.35 to 198.42 lb (75 to 90 kg)
    • XXL: 198.42 lb to 242.51 lb (90 to 110 kg)
  • Material: nylon, spandex




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