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Tile Gap Refilling Formula

Wanting to give your tiled walls and floors a bit of oomph?

This product will totally make them look brand new!



The Tile Gap Refilling Formula is an easy-squeeze formula that fills up the gaps between your tiles, prevents them from damage and discoloration, and overall just improves the look and feel of your tiled floors and walls. One application of this is enough to make your home feel totally brand-new! 

Buy a Tile Gap Refilling Formula for yourself and your home today!



  • EASY TO USE: The Tile Gap Refilling Formula is incredibly easy to use! You need to start off by thoroughly cleaning the area to be refilled with some simple soap and water. Wait for it to try completely. Then, simply fill the gaps between the tiles with the product and wait for it to dry completely. Application is that simple!
  • CLEAN: The Tile Gap Refilling Formula can be squeezed out of the bottle through the easy-squeeze tip. This ensures that application is as clean as possible and prevents any spills or accidents from occurring.
  • VERSATILE: The Tile Gap Refilling Formula can be used in all sorts of settings. It can be used on your floors, obviously, but it can also be used on your walls, sinks, counter tops, and anywhere else with tiles.
  • PREVENTING: The Tile Gap Refilling Formula, once applied, actually prevents discoloration and damage to your tiles. It gives your tiles some protection and prevents it from breakage!




  • Measurement: 4.13 x 1.97" (10.5 x 5 cm)
  • Net Weight: 5.07 fl. oz (150 mL)




  • 1 x Tile Gap Refilling Formula Protection Status