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Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener

Mortal hands cannot open a bottle.

But, if they are worthy, they can wield an instrument that will give them unlimited power over pesky bottle-tops. That power: this Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener!

Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener

In Asgard, this magical hammer is known as Mjølnir. On Earth, we just think it’s a pretty awesome way to get to the sweet nectar of the gods that hides underneath crimped bottle-tops.

Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener

A perfect replica of the otherworldly war hammer entrusted to the god of thunder, but just a little smaller, this Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener will let you rule over man-made mead, pop, and pretty much anything else that comes in a bottle.

Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener

Are you the worthy one?

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Image result for thor symbol EFFORTLESS — Open any bottles in the mightiest fashion with this! Its non-slip handle comes with the right size and weight for better grip and control when using. Feel like a true Avenger; Thanos will shake in his boots.

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Image result for thor symbol MAGNETIC — Easy to store and perfect to pin notes, recipes, artwork on fridge, door, cabinet, locker, cubicle, and any other metal surfaces.

Image result for thor symbol AESTHETIC — When not being carried around for Asgardian cosplay, Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener makes an eye-catching accessory around the house, on your desk, or as a hanging keychain!

Image result for thor symbol ALL-OCCASION — Makes you feel like a god at any party! See if your friends are worthy and if they can lift the Mjølnir and open their drinks!

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Image result for thor symbol CREATIVE GIFT — Without the Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener, you are but just a man. Do not attempt to open something without it! Share this deity goodness with your loved ones! 


  • Material: ABS+Metal
  • Available Colors: Silver, Bronze
  • Size: Approx. 16.5 x 4.5 CM / 6.5 x 1.7 IN 

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