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Talking Hamster Toy


Make a new furry friend today with this adorable hamster.

This little guy just wants to get close to you and repeat what you say!



The Talking Hamster Toy is an adorable hamster plushie that is very soft and cuddly. You can pet it, hug it, squeeze it, and cuddle it! What makes it even cuter is that it repeats whatever you say in a squeaky, hamster voice that we know your children are going to love and adore. This little guy just wants to play, dance around, and overall keep your kids company!

The Talking Hamster Toy comes in three different colors (light brown, dark brown, and gray) that are all cute and adorable. We know your kids are going to love having these little critters around to play with!

Grab a Talking Hamster Toy today!




  • EASY TO USE: The Talking Hamster Toy requires 3 AAA batteries to work. Simply install them into the battery compartment, switch it on, and start talking to get the fun started. It's very easy to use and does not require any installation or instructions at all.
  • AMUSING: The Talking Hamster Toy is an adorable hamster plushie that actually repeats what you say! It features machinery that repeats what is said in a tiny, critter voice that is very cute and clear. You're definitely going to have a hoot with this adorable guy!
  • ENTERTAINING: The Talking Hamster Toy not only repeats what you say, but also dances along when turned on! It responds to the slightest touch and moves its head up and down for a fun, entertaining time. Your mood will considerably get lighter whenever you see them!
  • SOFT: The Talking Hamster Toy is made of high-quality soft plush that is very fluffy and cuddly. Your children will absolutely love spending quality time with this adorable hamster! It also makes for a lovely companion while your child sleeps at night.




  • Measurement: 5.91 x 5.91" (15 x 15 cm)
  • Material: soft plush




  • 1 x Talking Hamster Toy Protection Status