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Talking Hamster Plushie

The Talking Hamster Plushie is the CUTEST talking toy ever! 🐹😍 

This cheeky adorable hamster will repeat anything it hears, and we mean absolutely anything!

The Talking Hamster Plushie would talkback with its high-pitched, critter voice that's guaranteed to make you laugh. 

This Talking Hamster Plushie can be an amazing language development toy for kids. It recognizes any accent and language and even bops its head as it talks! 🐹

🎄🐹 Our limited edition Talking Hamster Plushie makes the perfect holiday gift! 💕


🐹 TALKBACK FUNCTION: The Talking Hamster Plushie repeats what you say (and laugh!) in an adorable little critter voice. It can surely make the whole family chuckle!

🐹 SOFT COTTON: This chonky little hamster is made with high-quality PP cotton and very soft coverings.

🐹 BATTERY POWERED: Our Talking Hamster Plushie is powered by 3 pieces of AAA batteries.

🐹 COLORFUL HAMSTERS: The Talking Hamster Plushie comes in an array of colors, like gray, light brown, and dark brown for you and your kids to choose from.

🐹 EASY TO USE: Simply turn it on, speak to it, and enjoy what it says! 

How to Use:

  1. Place the new AAA batteries on the battery compartment and secure the safety cover.
  2. Switch the Talking Hamster Plushie to ON.
  3. Speak a word, phrase, or sentence you'd want it to repeat.
  4. Wait for the tiny hamster to mimic what you said in a funny and high-pitched voice while dancing.
  5. Flip the switch to OFF, conserving battery life when not in use. 


  • Material: Soft plush
  • Size: 5.9in or 15cm
  • Color: Grey, Light Brown, Dark Brown
  • Batteries: 3AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)

Package Includes:

1 x Talking Hamster Plushie Protection Status