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Sweet Candy Gun

This Sweet Candy Gun shoots out your favorite pop! 

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It's a fun and cute way to satisfy your sweet tooth! It works exactly like any other guns, but it uses sweet and tasty treats as bullets that'll surely tickle your fancy. Just insert your favorite lollipop into the barrel, aim, and pull the trigger to release that irresistible candy charm. The Sweet Candy Gun is a safer and sweeter gun toy for kids and adults alike. This is the sweetest weapon yet, so be sure to arm yourself with this Sweet Candy Gun for some playful way to indulge in desserts! 🍭😋

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  • Playful Design: This Sweet Candy Gun is a fun and cute upgrade from the traditional toy guns. It releases sweet and tasty lollipops that the sweet tooth folks would surely love!
  • Entertaining: There's never a dull moment with the Sweet Candy Gun! It has fun, bright lights to make things more interesting, plus it plays music that hums a nice tune too.
  • Versatile: The Sweet Candy Gun's barrel can readily fit most lollipop sizes.
  • Easy to Use: It's a no-brainer. Just insert the lollipop into the Sweet Candy Gun, lock it in place, and pull the trigger. If you need to pull the candy off, give it a firm tug and you're set!


  • Material: ABS
  • Measurement: 4.72 x 5.51" (12 x 14 cm)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Sweet Candy Gun Protection Status