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Universal Dust Cleaning Sweeper

🙌 Picks Up Dust Like No Other! 💯

The new, easy way to dust picks up dust like no other!

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This Universal Dust Cleaning Sweeper is a perfect vacuum cleaning attachment, as it sweeps & vacuums away dust from delicate objects to hard-to-reach corners, edges, and grooves.

 The MasterDuster™ Universal Master Duster Cleaning Tool is a vacuum attachment that's ideal for getting to those hard to reach places and the delicate places. It's perfect for getting rid of dust in places you thought were impossible to use a vacuum. This universal vacuum attachment fits any vacuum,

 It gets into even the tiniest cracks & crevices. Great for book shelves, light fixtures, window blinds, couches, jewelry boxes & more! 

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This vacuum the dirt out of the smallest grooves, cracks, and hidden edges that no other attachment can get to. Grab yours now!


🟦 FLEXIBLE ADAPTER: Great for cleaning your car! With 36 flexible, micro-size suction tubes, this Universal Dust Cleaning Sweeper gets into the cracks of the seats and cleans your coin tray without anything needing to be removed.

🟦 HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Our vacuum brush is made of soft, high-quality plastic, robust, not easy to block, and won't fall off during use, providing the most comfortable user experience for the consumer.

🟦 EASY TO USE: Don't worry about heavy cleaning work! This Universal Dust Cleaning Sweeper can reach any corners and crevices. Just connect this brush to your vacuum cleaner and you can see it clean easily.

🟦 MULTIPURPOSEYou can use this dust cleaner brush to clean your keyboard, drawers, car seats, car vents, air vents, furnitures, bookshelf, jewelry, sofa, personal computer, laptop, plants, pets and corners where normal vacuum cleaner can’t. 


  • Material: Plastic 
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 12.99 in (33 cm)


  • 1 x Universal Dust Cleaning Sweeper Protection Status