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Squeeze and clean!

Our SqueezyBand is an essential hygiene need right at your wrist!

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Designed to fit into a wristband no larger than your Apple Watch, the SqueezyBand can be filled up with your favorite sanitizer that you can instantly dispense with one push. It's a sleek and stylish bracelet that keeps you germ-free without fishing sanitizer from your tote bag anymore.
Less touching of surfaces = Less risk of spreading germs!

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Sanitation during these times is non-negotiable, and this SqueezyBand makes it more convenient and fashionable than ever! Its adjustable size and playful colors are perfect for everyone in the family, so grab some SqueezyBands now!


✅ CONVENIENT — Say goodbye to fumbling for your hand sanitizer in your purse or carrying a tiny bulky bottle in your pocket! SqueezyBand is the first wearable and refillable hand sanitizer holder for that all-too-common dilemma where you need to wash your hands, but public hand sanitizer dispensers are either completely empty or covered in a filmy residue of grime. With SqueezyBand, you’ll always be able to clean your hands in just seconds, wherever your day takes you.
✅ REFILLABLE — This adjustable hand sanitizer bracelet can be filled up daily or on the go. It allows you to conveniently and promptly cleanse your hands when you don’t have immediate access to soap and water, whether at work or when you’re out and about.
✅ PERFECT FOR EVERYONE — Whether you are a commuter, teacher, nurse, waiter, senior citizen, or a mom with a toddler, SqueezyBand lets you keep your hands clean after touching public surfaces like door handles, checkout pins, and more.
✅ COMFORTABLE —  SqueezyBand is made with washable, hypoallergenic silicone that makes the band safe and comfortable to use all day long. The wristband's sleek design includes a leak-proof cap to keep your hand sanitizer from spilling out. 

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 Fill your band daily with 15 ml of your own hand cleaning solution. To dispense, press firmly on the top of your SqueezyBand to release some sanitizer onto your wrist or palm and rub away!

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  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Capacity: 15mL of alcohol/sanitizer 
  • Available Colors: Baby Pink, White, Blue, Yellow, Dark Pink, Green, Black


1 x SqueezyBand

1 x Refill Bottle Protection Status