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Speed Punching Balls


💪 Hone your boxing skills & reflexes in a fun exercise! 🥊

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Can't get out & go to the gym? Are you missing all of the intense workout sessions you are doing to satisfy your healthy & active lifestyle? Or are you looking for a great alternative way to have fun & stay active during these times?

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These Speed Punching Balls can help you remain active & sharp, while at the same time train your skills in boxing! Whether you are a beginner or a veteran who wants to improve their reflex, agility, & overall reaction timing, this is the perfect boxing tool for you!

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  • Safe Boxing Tool: You don't have to worry about bruises & black eyes! These Speed Punching Balls are specifically designed to be much lighter & softer than your regular tennis ball! You can also use these without buying hand wraps or gloves & even worrying about it smacking directly in your face!

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  • Beginner & Veteran friendly: You can choose either Red (80g)ball that is suitable for veteran users or Black (20g) which is perfect for beginners. We would recommend you to practice & master the black ball first, then transition to the red ball to improve your skills further!

  • Wide Application: It can be used by men, women, teenagers, or children! You don't need to be a professional boxer to use this & can be a great tool for training, having fun, or lessening stress.

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  • Good At-Home Exercise:Its portable & simplistic design is a sure-fire way to improve your hand-eye coordination & reflexes. It can also help you to burn calories in the comfort of your home. 



  • Material: PU & Rubber (Ball) + Fabric (Headband) + Elastic Rope
  • Ball Weight: Beginner Ball (0.71oz) / Veteran Ball (2.82oz)
  • Color: Beginner Ball (Black) / Veteran Ball (Red)
  • Rope Length: 31.50in

Package Includes:

  • 1x Speed Punching Ball
  • 1x Headband
  • 1x Elastic Rope Protection Status