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Snowdrop LED Lights


Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket! 

These LED lights look absolutely heavenly!



The Snowdrop LED Lights are a set of eight (8) tubular lights that are absolutely gorgeous. When installed properly, these lights look like stars or snowflakes that are falling from the heavens. They are perfect for adding a bit of oomph into the mundane and can be used as decorations for parties, celebrations, dates, and other special occasions. These can also be used to add a bit of magic and sparkle into your home!

Have some magic in your life today with the Snowdrop LED Lights!




  • AESTHETIC: The Snowdrop LED Lights look incredibly gorgeous when lighted up. It almost looks as if snow is falling down brightly from the heavens. These lights come in multiple colors and are guaranteed to beauty any room it's in!
  • DURABLE: The Snowdrop LED Lights are made of high-quality PC material and LED lights that are very sturdy and durable. These lights are waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion resistant so they're definitely built to last!
  • ENERGY-SAVING: Despite how bright it is, the Snowdrop LED Lights uses barely any power. This won't make a dent on your electricity bill and you also won't have to worry about electric shock at all!
  • CONVENIENT: All eight (8) of the Snowdrop LED Lights are powered by one cord only, so all you really need to do is plug it in for all of the lights to work! These are great for when you don't have much outlet space for use.
  • VERSATILE: The Snowdrop LED Lights can be used in almost any setting for any occasion. Use these to decorate for parties, dates, proms, or even just to add a bit of flair into your home.




  • Number of LED: 36
  • Length: 19.69" (50 cm)
  • Material: LED, PC
  • Voltage: AC110V




  • 8 x Snowdrop LED Lights Protection Status