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Smart 'n Sharp Cutter


A folding pocket utility knife with multiple functions!

Our Smart 'n Sharp Cutter is every handyman's best friend. 👍

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It cuts through glass, tiles, ceramics, and fabrics easily, smoothly, and accurately! It's also packed with different tools that allow you to perform all kinds of other tasks, like punching tiles, sharpening knives, opening bottles, and more. This nifty tool makes any DIY a piece of cake! 😉

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Why buy those large scales and expensive tools when you can get them all with this multifunctional Smart 'n Sharp Cutter? Go ahead and grab yours today.


✅ 10 IN 1 TOOL — For your next DIY project, be sure to have a tool that can cut glass and perform many other functions:

  1. Rowing straight line or curve glass
  2. Drawing round glass
  3. Rowing Ceramic tile
  4. Punching Ceramic tile
  5. Grinding cutter
  6. Bottle opener
  7. Sawing wood
  8. Paper cutter
  9. Steel tape
  10. Level Gradienter 

✅ SCORE AND SNAP TILE CUTTER — It's equipped with a high-performance cemented carbide cutting wheel. You can easily score a tile in one straight row and snap it cleanly in two.

✅ CUT STRAIGHT OR CURVED LINES IN GLASS — Cut smooth lines in glass, either straight or curved.

✅ WIDE APPLICATION — Our Smart 'n Sharp Cutter can be used on brick, plastic, carpet, and canvas. The serrated knife can saw through the plywood and other types of wood. It makes a great cutter for ordinary paper and cardboard too.


  • Material: Metal Head, ABS Handle, Carbide Wheel Blade
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: Approx. 15 x 4 cm / 6 x 1.6 in


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