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Slam Dunk Bottle Opener

 Open your bottle, aim, and throw the caps inside the net. It's a bottle opener and a drinking game at once!🏀🍻 

Our Slam Dunk Bottle Opener features a fun and exciting way to open your bottles. It has a strong adhesive design to keep your tiny basketball setup in place. Now you don't need to rummage through your drawers whenever it's time to drink some cold beers and colas. It's durable, corrosion-resistant, and waterproof. Moreover, its attractive and smooth finish complements any setting, adding style to your kitchen, patios, or bars.

This Slam Dunk Bottle Opener is guaranteed to impress all your guests. Open your bottles and have a nice time trying to shoot and score! It's a must for any parties and event areas, so be sure you're getting one while they last. 🍻


  • Premium Material: Our Slam Dunk Bottle Opener is made of high-quality solid wood and metal. It's corrosion-resistant and super durable. It won't deform easily no matter how many bottles you've opened or the caps you've dunked!
  • Creative Design: How often can you find a basketball bottle opener? This is uniquely designed to make every bottle-opening fun and enjoyable. It makes a nice ice breaker at any party, attracting basketball lovers to try and shoot. The net also serves as a cool way to catch and store your caps. It's a great organizational tool to avoid cluttering your space with bottle caps and easily throw them away later on.
  • Strong Adhesive Power: It comes with a strong magnet to hold your bottle opener in place. It adds stability throughout the party. You and your friends can open up your bootles, get a good time shooting and filling the net with caps, and the Slam Dunk Bottle Opener will stay stuck on the wall.
  • Fun to Use: This will definitely catch every boy's attention. Hear everybody's cheer as you crack open a bottle and let the cap fall into the hoop.  

Basketball Wall Mounted Bottle Opener


  • Material: Zinc alloy + black walnut
  • Fixing method: Adhesive 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Slam Dunk Bottle Opener

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