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Retractable Plant Hanger


Makes watering and pruning a breeze!

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This Retractable Plant Hanger is an easy way to hang your plants up high on a porch or against your house and still allow you to easily lower and raise them for watering.

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With a simple cord pull, you can easily lift andlower your plant 50 inches from where it's mounted.  Great for hanging ferns, plant pots, plant light, flower baskets, and birdhouses, etc.

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Get this today and get more greenery without taking up space and convenient for you to take care of the plants.


🌼 DURABLE: The Retractable Plant Hanger has a durable construction, can safely hold a 55 pound (max) plant or flower basket, allowing for the best visual effects.

Easy Reach Plant Pulley Set – mediterraneanwind

🌼 EASY TO USE: Before using the hook, make sure it's pointing in the right direction. Then, simply press the switch and pull it to the position you want to stay. : LSHCX Adjustable Heavy Duty Easy Reach Plant Pulley for  Hanging Plants, Flower Baskets, Easy Watering, Bird Houses, Plant Grow  Light, 1 Pack : Garden & Outdoor

🌼 ADJUSTABLE PULLEY: This Retractable Plant Hanger allows you to freely adjust the height of the suspension, makes watering and feeding of the plant much easier. 

Easy Reach Plant Pulley Set

🌼 MULTIFUNCTION: The plant pulley is made to carry decorative hanging plants, flower baskets, pots, and even birdcage. It can be used in the garden, eaves, home, porch, etc.

Easy Reach Plant Pulley Set – vofashiongadget


  • Material: PP + Metal
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 5.12 x 2.87 in (13 x 7.3 cm) 
  • Weight: 0.17 lbs. (76 g)


  • 1 x  Retractable Plant Hanger Protection Status