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Sandproof Beach Blanket

Sunbathing is nice but SANDbathing? NOPE.

This Sandproof Beach Blanket takes off the frustrations from dealing with grains of sand sticking to your body after taking a dip or applying sunscreen!

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Our Sandproof Beach Blanket lets sand out without letting it in, so you can sit or lie on the beach without sand getting everywhere! This beach-ready ground cover uses a “patented weave and specialty fabric” that allows sand to sift through from one side but blocks it from entering from below. Watch that annoying sand, dirt, and dust magically disappear before your eyes!

The Sandproof Beach Blanket is a must-have this summer so snag one of these for your next outdoor fun and sand-free meals! 😎🌊


😎 SAND-FREE FUN — Leave every bit of sand off the skin & body! Its dual-layer synthetic mesh prevents sand from slipping in so your meals and belongings stay sand-free too.

😎 EASY TO USE — It's windproof and hold onto any ground firmly with heavy-duty metal D-rings.

😎 WIDE APPLICATION — The Sandproof Beach Blanket is an absolute necessity for beach trips, camping, picnics, hiking, fishing, and any other outdoor activities!

😎 EASY TO STORE — Just fold this ultra-thin light blanket, keep it in a pocket, and you're good to go!

😎 MACHINE-WASHABLE — Between snacks and sticky fingers, you might get the Sandproof Beach Blanket dirty. But don't worry as you can throw it into the washing machine for quick 'n easy cleaning! 


  • Material: Nylon and TPU
  • Size: 140x200cm/55x78in
  • Folding Size: 10x13x3cm/3.9x5.1x1.18in 


1 x Sandproof Beach Blanket

1 x Drawstring Bag

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