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Rice and Cereal Dispenser


Wishing there was a way to organize your rice, grains, and cereals?

This sleek and handy kitchen gadget is sure to please you!



The Rice and Cereal Dispenser is a large-capacity plastic storage container that can house up to five (5) kilograms of food. These foods can include rice, grains, cereals, candy, and so much more. The dispenser comes with several movable walls you can arrange inside the container depending on your needs, and the food can be dispensed at the bottom by simply pushing the button. This dispenser also comes with a compartment for you to catch the dispensed food with.

This is an awesome product to have in the kitchen as it organizes your food items very well. It keeps all of them together for easy access and it doesn't even take up too much space in your kitchen! Grab a Rice and Cereal Dispenser for yourself today.


  • LARGE CAPACITY: The Rice and Cereal Dispenser is incredibly strong and durable! This amazing product can hold up to five (5) kilograms of various seeds, cereals, rice, and more! Simply lift up the lid, pour down your food items into the partitions, and let this product do the rest.
  • CONVENIENT: The Rice and Cereal Dispenser comes with a handy plastic compartment that you can slide under the dispensers to catch your food. This is a great way to control the amount of ingredients you use and also the amount of food you eat!
  • ADJUSTABLE: The partitions' sizes can be easily adjusted by moving the walls around to suit your needs. If you need more space for your rice, then simply move the walls or even remove an entire wall completely!
  • TRANSPARENT: Easily see what's inside of your Rice and Cereal Dispenser with its handy transparent PP material. This way, you can see what needs to be bought during the next grocery store visit and see what has been eaten a lot in the household.
  • EASY TO STORE: The Rice and Cereal Dispenser is incredibly sleek in design. It is the perfect storage compartment to keep in the corner of your counter top without taking up too much space. You also have the option to hang it up!


  • 1 x Rice and Cereal Dispenser


  • Measurement: 14.96 x 12.76 x 5.67" (38 x 32.4 x 14.4 cm)
  • Material: PP Protection Status