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Rapid Rooting Powder


Grow Healthier Roots Effortlessly, Quickly, And Easily! 

Increase the speed of the root’s growth and maintain the overall health of growing plants by this Rapid Rooting Powder. 🌱

This Rapid Rooting Powder is the best solution to effectively propagate new plants! It is an all-purpose powder that can be used for water plants and soil plants.

Once the powder is applied, auxins are absorbed, resulting in the stimulation of root formation. It can transform simple cuttings into strong, healthy new plants.

Our Rapid Rooting Powder can be used to grow herbs, bonsai, shrubs, flowers, orchids, and a variety of plants and trees.



🌱 RAPID ROOTING FERTILIZER — It contains 90% of organic compounds, plant nutrients, trace minerals, natural growth hormones, and Naphthaleneacetic acid. They initiate rapid rooting to both water and dry plants.

🌱 STRONG & HEALTHY GROWTH — The Rapid Rooting Powder supports the strong and healthy growth of plants through all grow mediums including Rockwool, coco, peat moss, soil, clay pellets, etc.

🌱 EASY TO USE — Great for plant cutting! For dry use, simply dip the root in the powder and plant as usual. Water your plants in your daily routine, then watch them grow beautifully!

🌱 WORK FOR ALL ROOTED PLANTS — The Rapid Rooting Powder works for all kinds of rooted plants, including vegetables and indoor/outdoor plants. It promotes the survival rate of transplanted plants and lets them flourish even in unfavorable weather.


  1. Dissolve one bag of the powder in 1-2 litre/s of water. Soak the base cuttings into the rooting powder solution for 1 to 2 hours.
  2. To maintain the integrity of the plant growth, make a solution by dissolving one packet of the powder in 10 liters of water and spray to the plant once a week until roots are well established.
  3. For irrigation use: Dissolve one pack of powder in 2 liters of water and irrigate once every two months to further promote healthy roots.
  4. For germination: To assist in good germination and growth of roots, make a solution of the powder with 4-5 liters of water and submerge the seed for 6-8 hours. Remove and rinse the seed. 
  5. The cuttings can also be directly dipped into the powder for a more potent effect.


  • Net Weight:  0.03kg (0.07lb)
  • Ingredients: 90% Organic compounds and Naphthaleneacetic Acid


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