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Plywood Clamping Tool

Move heavy objects around like an absolute boss!

This tool is perfect for home renovations and repairs!



The Plywood Clamping Tool is an awesome, sturdy tool that allows you to clamp up plywood, panels, sheets, stabs, and so much more to make them easier for transport. This is perfect to have around as it is far easier on your body without all the heavy lifting, and is also great if you don't have anyone with you to help transport! It's the perfect handyman's tool.

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  • EASY TO USE: The Plywood Clamping Tool is very easy to figure out! Simply insert the edge of your sheet goods between the two clamps of the product and lock it with the handle. Your sheet goods are ready to be transported! It's really just that simple!
  • TIME-SAVING: Save some time transporting sheet goods with the Plywood Clamping Tool! This product allows you to move heavy items around quick and easy, and all you need are your hands! This saves you so much time and energy and would undoubtedly be a good addition to any tool box.
  • STRONG: The Plywood Clamping Tool is a heavy-duty product can carry up to 100 lb (45.36 kg) in weight! It does not matter how long, wide, and thick the plywood is—this bad boy can carry it around like it's made of paper!
  • SAFE: With a comfortable grip that allows you to carry heavy loads with no problems or issues at all, the Plywood Clamping Tool is a lot easier on your back and on your hands as you no longer have to rely on heavy lifting to transport things around. Keep your loved ones as safe as possible with this product!
  • PORTABLE: At a mere 7.28 x 4.92" (18.5 x 12.5 cm), the Plywood Clamping Tool is small and compact enough to easily stash in a drawer or cupboard. It will barely take up any space in your home and can easily be carried around if needed be!




  • Measurement: 7.28 x 4.92" (18.5 x 12.5 cm)
  • Material: nylon, iron




  • 1 x Plywood Clamping Tool Protection Status