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Plastic Parts Refurbish Agent (3 PCS)


Just one wipe to shine like new!

The secret to bringing back the luster of your plastic items is out!

Car Plastic Parts Refurbish Agent – momentisc

 Our Plastic Parts Refurbish Agent comes in a pack of 3 that instantly makes your car, tire, seat, and etc. look spanking new! Works as a sealer to give them a clear shield of protection while also providing a beautiful gloss. 

Plastic Parts Retreading Agent Wax Instrument Panel Wax Reducing Agent

A little dab goes a long way and it goes on non-greasySave time and money from going to repair/refurbish shops and just get this! 

Car Plastic Plating Refurbishing Agent – Bunnel Bee


⭐ HIGH-QUALITY — Enjoy a gleaming car and tire with our Plastic Parts Refurbish Agent! It also helps prevent premature wear and fading caused by UV rays and road grime. 
⭐ WATERPROOF — It helps disperse rainwater, clear sleet, snow, ice, and road sprays from adhering to the glass.
⭐ NON-GREASY — Our Plastic Parts Refurbish Agent will restore and leave a great finish that's completely dry to the touch!
⭐ LONG-LASTING — You will be amazed at how it lasts through even the toughest car washes and the worst rain or snow!
⭐ WIDE APPLICATION — The refurbish agent can be used on the dashboard, door frames, door panels, tires, pedals, and other plastic parts.
⭐ SAFE — Our special formula will never harm, damage, or dry-out your rubber, trim, plastic, or harm any paint that it may touch! Safe to use on all color plastics and rubbers!
⭐ EASY TO USE — Put a few drops on the included sponge and wipe away! After just one wipe you will see the difference! 

Car Plastic Parts Refurbish Agent – momentisc



  • Weight: 50 g / 1.8 oz
  • Size: 4 x 3 x 1 inches
  • Content: 10 g / 0.35 oz 


3 x Sponge

3 x Plastic Parts Refurbish Agent Protection Status