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Pastry Presser Set (3pcs)


Make perfect dough designs in seconds!

Crafting the perfect design for the dough of your pie, dumpling, & pastries takes practice. One wrong move & your dough might get broken & the fillings would leak & ruin the food. It's really a delight once you mastered the techniques & produce a perfectly crafted pastry!

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This Pastry Presser Set will make your dough-pressing tasks the easiest! It comes with 3 different sizes based on your dough needs & will guarantee that you will make perfect-shaped pies, dumplings, pastries designs & more every time!

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  • Circle Back Dough-Cutter: The back of each presser is designed to cut the ideal circular dough for you! No need to get any additional materials.

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  • Convenient & Easy to Use:Just pack your dough with your favorite meat, veggies, or fruit fillings, & press each side together, & you've already made the perfect dough in just seconds!

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  • Wide Application: It includes 3 different sizes for any of your dough-pressing needs! From small tarts to pies, this is the most perfect tool for creating exquisite food with filling!

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  • Safe & Non-toxic Material: It's made of food-grade, BPA-free & FDA approved materials that is also safe to wash! You can definitely use this over long periods of time.


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: L (7.76x6.18in) , M (6.38x5.2in) , S (5.55x4.57in)
  • Weight: 4.69oz
  • Color: Red (Large) + Blue (Medium) + White ( Small)

Package Includes:

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