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Oil Strainer Pot


❌ Don't throw away your used cooking oil yet! ❌

With this Oil Strainer Pot, you can save your cooking oil and use it for your next frying dish! It works by removing all old batter pieces and finer debris in your used oil. 👍😊

 Our Oil Strainer Pot is made from supreme material that is environmentally-friendly and durable. 

The canister comes with a dust-proof lid, removable mesh strainer, and an easy-grip handle. It's also equipped with a non-slip coaster tray to prevent oil from dripping onto the counter. 💯

This Oil Strainer Pot makes bacon grease, cooking oil, coconut oil, fat, frying oil reusable by filtering particles and offers convenient storage. 👌🤩


  • SUPREME QUALITY: Our Oil Strainer Pot is made from fine iron. It's food-grade and eco-friendly.
  • STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL: The strainer is of stainless steel material and the handle is made from bakelite.
  • DOUBLE LAYER COATING: It's non-stick to prevent rusting and prolong its life span.
  • LARGE VOLUME CAPACITY: The Oil Strainer Pot can hold up to 6.8 cups or 1.7L of oil.
  • FINE MESH STRAINER: It effectively separates large amounts of frying oil so you can reuse your cooking oil.
  • SMALL POUR SPOUT DESIGN: It works well to avoid leakage.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Aside from straining your cooking oil, our Oil Strainer Pot can also be used for other kitchen processes like sifting flour, brewing loose leaf tea, straining lumpy gravy, and etc.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply clean the Oil Strainer Pot with dish soap and soft fiber under warm water.


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Colour: Gray black
  • Size: 7.6" x 6.3"

Package Contents:

  • 1x Oil Strainer Pot Protection Status