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Multipurpose Pen


Get good value for your money by having five tools all in one! 

It is a ruler, screwdriver, leveler, stylus, and pen at the same time!



The Multipurpose Pen is a highly convenient and handy 5-in-1 ballpoint pen that also features a touch stylus at the top, a leveler in the middle, a ruler on its side, and a screwdriver on the inside. You can do multiple tasks with this product alone, saving you so much time and energy! You're definitely going to want this in your tool box or pencil case!

Grab this awesome set of five (5) Multipurpose Pens today!




  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The Multipurpose Pen definitely lives up to its name. This amazing pen measures, screws and unscrews, levels, touches screens, and (of course) writes! You get good value for money by having multiple tools all in one!
  • EASY TO REFILL: The Multipurpose Pen fits universal specifications and can be easily refilled whenever it runs out of ink. Simply unscrew the pen, replace empty cartridge with a new cartridge, and you should be ready to go again in no time!
  • GOOD FLOW: The Multipurpose Pen functions like any ordinary pen with its stainless steel nib that is smooth and moderate. Ink flows out of this pen very consistently while not running out as fast. It's definitely very long-lasting and convenient!
  • COMFORTABLE: The Multipurpose Pen is non-slip and easy-grip so you can write for hours on end with no problem at all. It does not cause cramps or callouses and is very comfortable in the hand!
  • AESTHETIC: The Multipurpose Pen comes in eight (8) beautiful colors that are sure to capture the eye of anyone who uses them! These pens are beautifully-designed not just to be useful but also to look elegant when used.




  • Measurement: 5.91 x 0.39" (15 x 1 cm)
  • Material: ABS




  • 5 x Multipurpose Pen Protection Status