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Magic French Bun

 Master the art of wearing the perfect hair bun in seconds!

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The secret lies in our Magic French Bun. This is the easiest, simplest, and hassle-free way to enjoy a full glam French bun. It's perfect for kids and adults to create beautiful ballet bun, sock bun hairstyle, updo hairstyles, and more for various occasions. It's super lightweight that you wouldn't even know it's there! 😍

 Magic DIY Hair Bun Maker in 2020 | Easy bun hairstyles, Diy hair bun, Hair  bun maker


  • Lightweight: The Magic French Bun is made of a synthetic wig and flexible wire. It feels feather-light, making it the perfect accessory for your crown.
  • Easy to Use: It only takes a second to put on! Just clip it to your pony, roll up to the base, and snap into a perfect bun.
  • All-Day Hair Support: Our Magic French Bun lets your hair stay a beautiful updo for the entire day, no matter what activities you're on.
  • Perfect For Any Occasion: Why spend hours creating the perfect hair bun when you can just use this Magic French Bun on your night out parties, wedding, graduation, prom, ballet recital, yoga practice, and many more! 
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  • Materials: Synthetic wig, flexible wire
  • Colors: Golden Yellow, Black


Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Magic French Bun Protection Status