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Magic Educational Practice Books

Keep the learning going even while outside the  classroom!

This is a great way to spend time with your kids and teach them the basics!



The Magic Educational Practice Books is an awesome set of books that helps your child learn basic literacy, numeracy, arithmetic, and drawing. These books come with a magic pen and five (5) refills that allow your child to use the books over and over again with no problem, as the ink actually disappears after a few hours. It even comes with a pen holder to help your child learn how to hold a pen! It's educational, complete, reusable and convenient. What more could you ask for?

If you're looking for a perfect homeschool set, then the Magic Educational Practice Books are definitely for you!




  • EDUCATIONAL: Spend some quality time with your children today with these Magic Educational Practice Books! With this awesome product, your children can continue learning even outside the classroom. This package even comes with an awesome pen holder to help teach your child to hold a pencil!
  • DIVERSE: There are four different kinds of Magic Educational Practice Books, each with different topics. The first book is to help you learn the Latin alphabet, and with this book your child can learn how to write and recognize their ABCs. The second and third book are for learning numbers, and with these they will also be learning basic addition and subtraction. The last book is for learning how to draw basic pictures like animals and household objects.
  • BILINGUAL: The Magic Educational Practice Books are a mixture of English and Mandarin Chinese and are a great way of exposing your children to another language at a young age!
  • REUSABLE: Wanna know what makes the Magic Educational Practice Books so magical? It's the fact that the ink from the pens actually disappears within hours! Your child can write all over the page and the ink would disappear the very next day. This makes it easy to reuse the exercises over and over with no problem at all!
  • DURABLE: Made with high-quality white cardboard, these Magical Educational Practice Books are extremely sturdy and durable. They're very resistant to tearing and smudging. They're definitely more than capable of withstanding your usual wear and tear around young children!




  • Measurement: 5.12 x 7.48" (13 x 19 cm)
  • Material: white cardboard




  • 4 x Magic Educational Practice Books
  • 1 x magic pen
  • 5 x ink refills
  • 1 x pen holder Protection Status