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DIY Magic Clay Glue

😍 The world's most versatile moldable glue! 😍

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The DIY Magic Clay Glue is the best tool for every day fixing, including like-new invisible repairs, and making improvements around the home, indoors and out.

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It is waterproof and weatherproof and binds to tons of different surfaces. This moldable glue makes it possible for you to turn the things you enjoy into something you might imagine

Throw away all your clunky toolsets! This DIY Magic Clay Glue is the last tool you will ever need to fix everything and anything that breaks, cracks, or separates.


HIGH HEAT-RESISTANT: This DIY Magic Clay Glue can withstand even extreme conditions like the dishwasher or a steamy shower, and it can handle temperatures up to 180°C (356°F) and down to -50°C (-58°F).

EFFECTIVE REPAIR TOOL: Based on advanced silicone technology, this moldable glue is perfect for fixing DIY, and even making and creating crafty projects. Use it to fix, bond, seal, mount and create.

VERSATILE & MAGICAL: The DIY Magic Clay Glue comes in five colors to brighten up anything you fix with it. The special 6-in-1 formula molds easily between your fingers for easy use.

QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION: Simply mold it by hand, stick it where you need it, and it sets strong by turning into durable, flexible silicone rubber.


  • Material: Compound Material
  • ColorBlack, White, Red, Yellow, Blue
  • Weight: 0.02 lbs (10 g)


  • 5 Pcs of  DIY Magic Clay Glue Protection Status