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Magic Car Snow Remover (4 pcs)


Remove ice and snow easily from your car with this tool!

It amazingly takes very little time and effort to do so!



The Magic Car Snow Remover is an amazing cone-shaped ice remover that is going to be your ultimate savior when the cold season hits! This small and compact product allows you to scrape off ice and snow off of your windshield with no problem at all. Simply run the product in circles all over your car to remove. You can even pour in some anti-freeze solution inside by popping off the top and using it as a funnel!

It's so quick, easy, and helpful. You definitely need the Magic Car Snow Remover in your life!




  • UNIQUE: The Magic Car Snow Remover is cone-shaped. This is so you can clear off ice in any direction and in any pattern you'd like. This is perfect for clearing off ice in any area of your car, whether it be the windshield, side windows, or even side mirrors!
  • EASY TO GRIP: The Magic Car Snow Remover is really easy to grip. It's designed to be very comfortable on the hand so you can keep clearing off the hardest and toughest of ice and snow.
  • EFFICIENT: The top half of the Magic Car Snow Remover can actually be removed. This is so you can pour in fluids into the remover without having it spill all over your windshield. Simply pull it off and pour in your windshield washer or anti-freeze.
  • COMPACT: The Magic Car Snow Remover is super compact. It stands at a mere 5.71 x 4.13" (14.5 x 10.5 cm) and can easily be stored in your cupboard or drawer or even the glove box of your car if you want to keep it out of the way.




  • Measurement: 5.71 x 4.13" (14.5 x 10.5 cm)
  • Material: ABS




  • 4 x Magic Car Snow Remover Protection Status