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Little Panda Coin Box

🐼 SAVINGS has never been so FUN! 🐼  

If saving money is difficult, perhaps you need a super cute and amusing way to save, such as this Little Panda Coin Box! 😍

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This Little Panda Coin Box is perfect for those who have difficulties in saving. The cute little panda paw will quickly collect your coins and keep them safe inside the box until you need them or until it is full. Not only the cute panda keeps your money safe, but it also plays the right tones for you.🐼

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It is the perfect piggy bank for kids and adults that provides hours of fun and entertainment. 🙌



  • SAVE WITH FUN:  The Little Panda Coin Box will keep your money safe while it guarantees a fun-filled savings experience.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Approximately 40 coins fit perfectly in this coin box with the dimensions 3.54 x 4.72 x 3.94 IN. It will make electronically empty the money box less frequently.



  • WITH MATCHING TONES: To make the experience perfect for anyone, this Little Panda Coin Box plays the right tones to bring much more excitement and fun!
  • EASY TO USE: You just need to place your coin on the plate and then wait for the cute panda paw to get your money and place it safe for you.



  • IDEAL FOR CHILDREN: This Little Panda Money Coin Box is especially ideal for children. With the cute panda and funny tones, your kids would rather save than spend their money on sweets.
  • PERFECT GIFT: This Little Panda Coin Box is the perfect gift for people of all ages to help them save money efficiently. Whether as a birthday present or for Christmas, this box is an ideal gift.








  • Material: ABS plastic & Electronic Component
  • Product Dimensions: 3.54 x 4.72 x 3.94 IN
  • Weight: 0.62 lbs




  • 1 x Little Panda Coin Box Protection Status