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LED Halloween Mask


Hype your look up with this awesome-looking mask!

Not only does it look great, it also lights up in beautiful, fun colors!



The LED Halloween Mask is an awesome mask made of premium EVC and LED lights. They feature extremely bright colors and designs ranging from the awesome to the grotesque. They can be used for parties, raves, festivals, and other special occasions to get the party started. These are also perfect for photography sessions for a bit of oomph!

Grab an LED Halloween Mask for yourself today.




  • DIVERSE: The LED Halloween Mask comes with three modes of lighting—stable light, slow flash and fast flash. The stable light is perfect for photography sessions, the slow flash for a creepy look and the fast flash for raves and parties.
  • AESTHETIC: The LED Halloween Mask is made with LED lights that are super bright and colorful. They glow very brightly in the dark and are sure to add a pop of color and swag into your outfit.
  • VERSATILE: The LED Halloween Mask is perfect for a variety of occasions. This can be used during the Halloween season to tie off your Halloween costume perfectly. This can also be used in parties and raves if you want to be anonymous while looking bomb as heck too!
  • COOL: The LED Halloween Mask comes in seventeen (17) designs that are sure to tickle anyone's fancy. There are some that look super spooky and creepy while there are others that look more awesome and cool.
  • BATTERY-OPERATED: The LED Halloween Mask are powered by two (2) AA batteries that are totally rechargeable. Simply clip the power source and cord to your clothing to keep the mask lighted for as long as you need it to be!




  • Measurement: 9 x 7.8 x 2.7" (22.86 x 19.81 x 6.86 cm)
  • Material: plastic




  • 1 x LED Halloween Mask
  • 1 x controller
  • 2 x AA batteries Protection Status