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LED Crochet Hooks

Hook Size

 Don't let any low lights stop your knitting desires!

Our LED Crochet Hooks has a built-in LED light to keep you doing your beautiful handicrafts even in the darkest places. 😍

It promotes a well-lit environment for your project-making time to make it even more eye-friendly. The ergonomics have been worked on so you can comfortably knit without straining your hands in the long run. It's the perfect sewing companion!

You can effortlessly crochet wherever and whenever, especially with its super handy and portable design. With our LED Crochet Hooks, you'll never have to stop your creativity flow again! ✨


  • LED LIGHT DESIGN: The LED Crochet Hook highlights a built-in LED light so you can comfortably knit under any lighting condition. 
  • PORTABLE: Our LED Crochet Hook is very lightweight for a smooth-sailing knitting performance. Plus, you can toss it in your bags or pockets for some on-the-go crafting needs!
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE: It has a good hand grip design that's super comfortable to use.
  • VARIOUS SIZES: Pick and match your desired crochet hooks as we offer them in 4 different sizes! This way, you can precisely do any of your craft projects. 


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Multicolour
  • Crochet size: 2.5mm/0.09inch; 3.5mm/0.13inch; 4.0mm/0.15inch; 4.5mm/0.17inch

Package Includes: 

  • 1 x LED Crochet Hook (of chosen hook size) Protection Status