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Knitted Ponytail Beanie


Have a "great hair, don't care" moment, even in winter time!

This beanie is both cute and cozy as heck! 



The Knitted Ponytail Beanie is a very stylish and comfortable beanie with a small hole on the top. This feature allows you to wear ponytails and buns even while you're wearing the beanie, ensuring that you look glam and gorgeous even when it's cold outside! It comes in a variety of fun colors for you to choose from.

Grab a Knitted Ponytail Beanie or two for yourself today!





  • COZY: Made with soft, knitted material, the Knitted Ponytail Beanie is an extremely comfortable beanie that is extremely comfortable on the skin. These beanies have a solid ribbed knit soft stretch that ensures it is soft and snug on your head.
  • VERSATILE: The Knitted Ponytail Beanie works on a variety of hairstyles! This beanie has a small hole on top that you can actually put your hair through so it isn't just uncomfortably pressed against your head. You can wear this with buns and ponytails whether your hair is straight, curly, or in between!
  • WARM: The Knitted Ponytail Beanie is so lovely and warm! This is the perfect beanie to wear during fall and winter times as it is guaranteed to keep you comfortably warm.
  • EASY TO WASH: The Knitted Ponytail Beanie is incredibly easy to wash. It is machine-washable on a cold, delicate cycle and would need to be air-dried. You can also opt to wash it by hand.
  • AESTHETIC: The Knitted Ponytail Beanie comes in a variety of fun, gorgeous colors that are sure to complement anyone's faces and their outfits. This is definitely a beanie that's going to turn a look from drab to fab!




  • Measurement: 7.87 x 8.66" (20 x 22 cm)
  • Material: knitted material




  • 1 x Knitted Ponytail Beanie Protection Status