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Knife Phone Case

Protect your mobile phone in more ways than one!

This is definitely an intimidating phone case that'll shock everyone!


The Knife Phone Case is a quirky and funny phone case in the shape of a large butcher's knife. The hole on the corner is where your phone's camera goes, and it even has a handle so you can wield it around like a real butcher's knife. Your phone is definitely going to have the ultimate protection with this phone case—not only is it a fullt-functional phone case, it'll also throw people off!


  • PROTECTIVE: Protect your mobile phone adequately with the Knife Phone Case. This phone case prevents your phone from getting scratched, nicked, cracked, and so much more. If you want your phone to last you a while, then you'll definitely need a phone case like this.
  • CONVENIENT: The material your phone is encased with is made of a soft TPU material that will not make it hard for you to press the volume and power buttons at all. The phone case does not cover your speakers and audio jack either.
  • AWESOME: You're definitely gonna turn heads around with this insane-looking phone case! The Knife Phone Case looks uncannily like a butcher's knife complete with the handle! Have some fun with this awesome phone case today.


  • 1 x Knife Phone Case


  • Compatibility: iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR
  • Material: TPU Protection Status