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Interactive Cat Fish Toy


This cat toy is absolutely purr-fect! 

Make your kitty happy today with a new fishy friend!



The Interactive Cat Fish Toy is a super fun and entertaining electronic fish that your cat is definitely going to love. It's so realistic that it even flops around like a real fish would! Simply insert some batteries, charge it up, insert a bit of catnip if you want to, and switch it on! Watch as your kitty gets absolutely entranced and enthralled with this new friend of theirs.

Get an Interactive Cat Fish Toy for you and your feline friend today!




  • REALISTIC: The Interactive Cat Fish Toy is an incredibly realistic cat toy that resembles a fish. It even flops like a fish whenever it's switched on! Your cat is definitely going to love playing with this toy all day, everyday!
  • ATTRACTIVE: The Interactive Cat Fish Toy comes with a pouch of catnip that we know will drive your kitty crazy! Simply insert this pouch into the fish to ensure your cat never gets bored of it.
  • RECHARGEABLE: The Interactive Cat Fish Toy is entirely rechargeable. Our package comes with a handy USB charger for you to recharge the product whenever it runs out of battery. Simply charge the device when the red indicator light is blinking and stop when the red light disappears.
  • SAFE: The Interactive Cat Fish Toy is made of super soft cotton plush that is totally safe for your kitty to play with. The cotton plush is thick enough to entirely cover the mechanism underneath as long as you properly keep it in after every use.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The mechanism of the Interactive Cat Fish Toy can be easily taken out so you can wash the product with no problem at all. Simply zip up the fish belly, take the mechanism out, and put it back in when the fish has been washed and dried completely.




  • Measurement: 11.02 x 4.72" (28 x 12 cm)
  • Material: cotton plush




  • 1 x Interactive Cat Fish Toy
  • 1 x catnip pouch
  • 1 x USB charger Protection Status