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Hydroponic Liquid Fertilizer


🌱 Instantly gives your plant the nutrient they need! 🌱

Are you a plant parent? Dreaming of flourishing your plants faster and easier? This is the best choice to care for your plants.

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 OuHydroponic Liquid Fertilizer is a healthier alternative to traditional solid fertilizers, ensuring that your plants remain healthy, green, and flowering beautifully. It can also provide consistent coating so the plants can receive overall nutrients.

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Even in adverse conditions, this liquid type fertilizer with organic formula effectively propagates new plants and improves long-term health. As it perfectly balances the PH of the soil for healthier plants.

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This is the best choice to care for your plants. GET YOURS NOW!!!


🌱 IMPROVE IMMUNITY: The Hydroponic Liquid Fertilizer has a particular combination of calcium, ions, amino acids, and trace elements that promotes robust growth and flowering in plants, as well as the development of disease resistance.

🌱 EASY TO APPLY: No need to add water. Just shake well, used directly on the soil at the edge of the flower pot. If the mud is very dry, please fertilize and add ten drops every four-inch pots; use it once every two weeks.

🌱 QUICK GROWTH: The Hydroponic Liquid Fertilizer promotes solid and stable root growth in newly planted greens by encouraging rapid rooting. It even revives plants that are on the verge of wilting, restoring their lushness.

🌱 WIDELY APPLICABLESuitable for all agricultural and horticultural trees, bonsai landscaping, and horticultural plants. It is safe for all plants, guaranteed not to burn when used as intended.


  • Net Content: 0.08lbs (38ml)


  • 1/ 3 / 9 Bottles of Hydroponic Liquid Fertilizer Protection Status