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His and Hers Royal Dog Tags

Show the world who belongs to who with this statement piece!

Be all matchy-matchy with your significant other today!



The His and Hers Royal Dog Tags are a set of matte black dog tags with the words "Her King" and "His Queen" etched onto them. It's definitely an unorthodox take on couple rings and bracelets—after all, who wouldn't love to have matching dog tags with your significant other? They're definitely the perfect jewelry pieces to wear if you want to show the world just who you belong to!

Grab a pair of the His and Hers Royal Dog Tags for yourself and your partner today! It is available separately and by pairs!




  • SENTIMENTAL: Show the world just how much you and your partner love each other with the His and Hers Royal Dog Tags! These dog tags have the words, "Her King" and "His Queen" on the pendants in a stylish, medieval font. It's a totally cute and adorable matching set of dog tags that'll keep you reminded of your partner!
  • DURABLE: Made with premium stainless steel, the His and Hers Royal Dog Tags are incredibly sturdy and durable. These are highly resistant to your usual wear and tear and are definitely built to last, just like we hope your relationship with your significant other does!
  • SAFE: The His and Hers Royal Dog Tags are made with high-quality stainless steel that is allergy-free, nickel-free, rust-resistant and fade-resistant. This is totally safe to wear for all skin types.
  • AESTHETIC: The His and Hers Royal Dog Tags are a pair of dog tags in this beautiful, matte black color. They even have a pretty accent gem in a nice teal and pink color to add a touch of elegance. These dog tags look good with almost any outfit at any time of the year!




  • Measurement
    • Chain Length: 22.83" (58 cm)
    • Pendant (Male): 1.93 x 1.10" (4.9 x 2.8 cm)
    • Pendant (Female): 1.54 x 0.94" (3.9 x 2.4 cm)
  • Material: stainless steel




  • 1 x His Royal Dog Tag
  • 1 x Her Royal Dog Tag Protection Status