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Hair Growth Serum Pen

Enjoy thick, bouncy and healthy hair with this amazing hair serum!

Give yourself a little confidence boost and today and get the hair you've always wanted!



The Hair Growth Serum Pen is the answer to all your hair problems. This hair treatment serum is specially designed to lengthen and thicken even the most stubborn of bald patches! Simply squeeze out some of the serum and start rubbing it on your hair with the three, convenient rollers on the pen. Do this for a few weeks and start seeing differences in your hair in as early as one week!

The Hair Growth Serum Pen is made of all-natural ingredients that are super healthy and helpful to hair growth. It is very environmentally-friendly and organic so you know you're only getting the best we have to offer for your hair.

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  • THICKENING: The Hair Growth Serum Pen is a specially-formulated serum to lengthen and thicken hair. Just a few drops of this serum every day for a period of time is enough to stimulate your hair follicles and grow some hair. Say goodbye to bald patches and spots forever with this amazing, revolutionary hair serum!
  • MASSAGING: The Hair Growth Serum Pen, in addition to lengthening and thickening of the hair, is very good for a scalp massage. It comes with three handy rollers on the tip that helps the serum absorb quicker into your scalp. Simply rub the pen in circular motions around your hair and savor the enjoyable feeling!
  • NATURAL: The Hair Growth Serum Pen is made of all natural ingredients that is very good for the hair and scalp! Some of these ingredients include ginseng, green tea extract, and mint that have been scientifically proven to be good for the hair. No artificial chemicals allowed—just real, natural and organic goodness for your hair.
  • EASY TO APPLY: To use the Hair Growth Serum Pen, start off by washing your hair until it is all nice and clean. Next, simply squeeze the bottle gently, just enough for the serum to ooze out. Then, position the pen above your desired hair area and start rolling the pen around and spreading the serum. Repeat every day until desired growth is achieved. Results may vary on the time needed.




  • Net Weight: 0.68 fl. oz (20 mL)
  • Ingredients: ginseng, wolfberry, arborvitae, calamus, mulberry, licorice, wildflowers, mint, xanthium, houttuynia cordata extract, perilla leaf extract, green tea extract


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