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Glitter Gel Pen Set


Don't be afraid to sparkle and shine with this pen set!

This pen set is everything you need and more to add some sparkle into your life!



The Glitter Gel Pen Set is a set of eight (8) glitter gel pens that you can use in your everyday life to make things just a little bit more beautiful! You can use these to write notes, add some decorations to scrapbooks and bullet journals, color in drawings, write heartfelt letters and messages, and so much more!

Unleash the creativity with the Glitter Gel Pen Set today!




  • EASY TO USE: The Glitter Gel Pen Set is very comfortable on the hand. It will not cause calluses or bruises in your hand at all even after hours of work. Enjoy hours of fun and entertainment with these glitter pens!
  • VERSATILE: The Glitter Gel Pen Set can be used for a variety of purposes! It can be used to write special notes and letters to people, creating beautiful bullet journals and organizational notes, or even coloring in some drawings! These pens can be used for almost anything to add some sparkle and glitter in your life.
  • AESTHETIC: The Glitter Gel Pen Set writes absolutely beautifully! The ink that flows from these pens are buttery smooth and jam-packed with glitter. The end result is definitely something anyone and everyone would enjoy!
  • PORTABLE: The Glitter Gel Pen Set is definitely something you can take with you wherever you need to go. You can slip them into your bag or suitcase if you need to write down notes or journals wherever you are!




  • Writing Point: 0.5 mm
  • Material: plastic




  • 8 x Glitter Gel Pen Protection Status