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Garden Thumb Knife


šŸ‘Œ Let your thumb do all the work in your garden!Ā šŸ„’

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Trimming your plantsĀ would require sharp objects that may potentially cut & harm you at some point.Ā This Garden Thumb Knife allows your thumb to acquire a short stainless steel knife for all your cutting & picking needs!Ā 

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It includes a durable rubber finger cuff so your pointing finger can support & at the same time be protected from the thumb knife!

Ā Features:

  • Arc-Blade Thumb Knife: Its sharp curve-knife is specifically designed to easily cut through plant stems, fruits, & veggies, which will improve your work efficiency in your garden. You can choose from either a long knife (straight-cutting) or a right-angle knife (downward-cutting) based on what you prefer.

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  • One-hand Use:This HANDY tool includes both the thumb knife, & silicone finger cuff for protection, so that you may do all your trimming & picking needs with one hand!
  • Wide Application: From trimming stems & small branches to peeling off the skin of your fruits & vegetables, you can use this Garden Thumb Knife for a wide variety of situations.

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  • Durable & Safe: It's made of sturdy, high-quality silicone material that will protect your thumb & finger from the knife's sharp blade.

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  • Material: Silica Gel
  • Arc-Blade Style: Long Knife / Right-Angle Knife
  • Size: M (0.91 x 1.97in) / L (0.98 x 2.17in)
  • Finger Cuff Cover Size: 2.56in
  • Color: Orange

Ā Package Includes:

  • 1x Garden Thumb Knife
  • 1x Silicone Finger Cuff Protection Status