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Fur Remover Brush

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🐶🐱 Does your pet shed everywhere? 🐶🐱

  Remove your pet's hair or even excess lint easily from your clothes, couches, beds, blankets with our Fur Remover Brush.

Best 2-Way Pet Hair Remover Roller – afcoco

It comes with a unique design to clear up your pet's hair instantly, trapping it in its container for easy-to-remove disposal. 🐶😍

Best 2-Way Pet Hair Remover Roller – afcoco

 Our brush is 100% reusable and Eco-friendly. ♻️
Say bye-bye to sticky lint rollers and adhesive tapes!

How to Use:

  1. Move the roller back and forth to collect all fur and lint into the container.
  2. When done, open the lid to the container and remove the collected dirt.
  3. When cleaning your Fur Remover Brush, simply put it under running water. This won't damage the product.


  • EFFECTIVE CLEANER: Our Fur Remover Brush picks up all types of fur and lint, no matter the size. It works perfectly on furniture and clothes.
  • PORTABLE: It's the perfect handy tool to keep your stuff lint-free anywhere you go!
  • MONEY-SAVVY: A single purchase of our Fur Remover Brushcan last you a lifetime.
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Even kids can do it! Simply use it on any surface you want to clean. When you're done, simply open the lid and empty the container.


  • Material: Durable nylon and ABS plastic
  • Holder Color: White
  • Brush Color: Red, Blue
  • Size: Please see the picture below.

Package Inclusion:

  • 1x Fur Remover Brush
  • 1x Cleaning brush Protection Status