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Flexi Nib Fountain Pens


This pen writes like a dream! 

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Our Flexi Nib Fountain Pen is a rounded calligraphy pen with a modified nib to add more line variabilities for some very artistic writing. 

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Every stroke is nice and smooth! Plus — you don't need to dip your pen in ink. It's so easy and portable to use, just take the cap off and start writing!

DIANE'S CORNER: Fountain Pen Day - November 2, 2018

Our Flexi Nib Fountain Pen is every doodler's dream! It will give you such an enjoyable writing experience that you'll find an excuse to use it...even if it's only for signing holiday cards.  😉


⭐ VERSATILE — Its unique two-pronged tip allows a variety of gorgeous writing styles! Create to-do lists and journal or make executive decisions by smoothly signing on documents with this Flexi Nib Fountain Pen.
⭐ REPLACEABLE CARTRIDGE — You can easily replace its cartridge (or refill it with regular bottled inks) and get back to doodling right away!
⭐ PORTABLE — Enjoy the idea of writing calligraphy without a whole set-up (art water, ink, cleaning cloth, etc.)! They're incredibly travel-friendly than dip pens.
⭐ ELEGANT — Made of stainless metal, this Flexi Nib Fountain Pen has a classic and timeless appeal. It's a sleek and luxurious writing tool with a surprisingly economical price!
⭐ EASY TO USE — No need to press down hard to start writing. The ink flows smoothly and naturally under its own weight.



  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Ink: Compatible/refillable with both ink cartridges and bottled ink 

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