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Duck Butt Bag


Let this little duck accompany you wherever you need to go!

This is a bag that is so fun and cute that you'll want to squeeze it all day long!


The Duck Butt Bag is a cute and fluffy fanny pack style bag in the shape of a duck butt. It even has an adorable tail and cute duck feet! This is a bag you'd definitely love to have in your closet—it holds all of your valuables like your wallet, phone and keys all while looking absolutely adorable. This bag also has adjustable straps so you can wear it however you'd like!

And the best part? If you give this little duck a squeeze, the butt and feet actually give a little shake of the booty! This is a cute and entertaining feature that is very much unique to this bag. Get a quacking good bag today and buy a Duck Butt Bag for your own!


  • CONVENIENT: This is a fully-functional bag that can fit most of your valuables. This can hold your wallet, keys, cards, tissues, and other items you'd need while you're out and about. There is also a transparent pocket in the front that you can use to easily access your mobile phone.
  • ADJUSTABLE: The Duck Butt Bag comes with a strap that is completely adjustable. This ensures that people of all body types will be able to wear this bag without it being uncomfortable or irritating on the shoulder.
  • COMFORTABLE: The Duck Butt Bag is so soft to the touch. Made with high-quality terylene, this bag feels just like a stuffed toy you'd love to cuddle with all day.
  • CUTE: Do you know what happens when you squeeze the duck? Its butt and legs actually give a little shake in surprise! This is a cute and fun feature that'll totally get you addicted to squeezing the Duck Butt Bag all day long. It's sure to put a smile on your face!


  • 1 x Duck Butt Bag


  • Measurement: 8.66 x 6.69" (22 x 17 cm)
  • Material: terylene Protection Status