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Dog Waste Scooper

Garbage Bag (6 rolls / 90 pcs)

🐱 Transform your daily stroll with your pet into a fun & worry-free bonding! 🐶

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Every pet owner knows the importance of taking your canine or feline buddy out for a walk! However, we can't deny our pets the sudden call of nature, and, as a responsible paw parent, we need to clean the dirty deed with our hands!

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 This innovative Dog Waste Scooper is the solution to all your pet's potty problems! It is designed to pick-up waste from multiple surfaces & provides you the exact tools you need to make your life easier!


  • Easy to Use:Keeps your hand away from getting that warm squishy feeling when you pick up waste! This innovative product lets you pick up waste in one-hand from all surfaces quickly, cleanly, & effortlessly!


  • Convenient:It traps the waste inside small garbage bags for easy disposal! No need to use those thin tissue papers that might tear while you are holding them.

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  • Extendable: Its back-end is designed to be adjustable to create more space & storage so you can completely clean any surfaces.

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  • Portable:It includes a clip that you can attach to your belt or leash! Its compact size allows you to also store it inside your backpack so you can access it anytime & anywhere!
  • 2 Sizes to Choose From: The medium size scooper is recommended for dogs that weigh below 50 lbs, while the large size scooper is for dogs that weigh 50 - 150lbs.


  • Material: ABS (Scooper) + Plastic (Bag)
  • Scooper Size: S (4.53 x 5.51in)  / L (5.95 x 7.48in)
  • Bag Size: S (9.06 x 11.81in) / L (12.99 x 16.93in)
  • Weight: S (4 oz) / L (7 oz)
  • Color: White / Blue / Yellow

Package Includes:

  • 1x Dog Waste Scooper
  • 1x Garbage Bag (6 rolls = 90 pieces) Protection Status