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Disposable Cigarette Filters (100PCS)


Our 100Pcs Disposable Cigarette Filters provide a new experience in smoking that effectively reduces toxins and harmful chemicals with every puff! 🚬

These disposable cigarette filters help chainsmokers to gradually quit the habit of smoking until they get rid of having the need to smoke everyday. Its unique filter layers will help the cigarette user to adopt a lifestyle change by gradually reducing tar and other harmful toxins that smoking produces. 

Get our 100Pcs Disposable Cigarette Filters today and start the gradual process of quitting the habit of smoking! 🚭👍


  • Three-Layer Filtering: Our 100Pcs Disposable Cigarette Filters features built-in microporous beads and fiber filter layers that effectively reduces smoke tar and lessens chemical causing stains.
  • Comfortable Bite: These cigarette filters are made from high-quality food grade plastic material with a sloping design to give the cigarette user a nice and comfy bite. 
  • Visible Effect: Our 100Pcs Disposable Cigarette Filters are transparent to easily see the effective filtering and to effortlessly know when to change filters.  


  • Product Material: Food Grade Plastic
  • Product Length: 1.18 in
  • Product Weight: 14.39 ounces
  • Number of re-uses: 3-5 cigarettes 


    100 pcs x Disposable Cigarette Filters