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Corn in the Cob Cutter


Get a bowl of freshly-cut corn kernels in seconds!

Eating delicious, fresh corn has never been easier with this kitchen gadget!


The Corn in the Cob Cutter is a handy kitchen device that is small, compact, and incredibly useful. The cob is inserted into the center with the serrated edge facing upwards, and the corn kernels are shed as the device slowly moves down the cob. This kitchen gadget effectively cuts off the kernels for you, saving you time, hassle, and effort!

Make great salads, sides, and starters with the Corn in the Cob Cutter. This is sure to add some sweetness into your life! This is also the gadget for families with elderly people and small children who might have a hard time eating corn otherwise.


  • EASY TO USE: Simply insert one end of the cob into the middle of the Corn in the Cob Cutter, making sure that the serrated edge of the knife is facing the cob. Next. start pushing and twisting to start cutting the corn. Keep doing the same thing until the corn has been completely cut. It's that simple!
  • FOOD-SAVING: The Corn in the Cob Cutter completely and efficiently cuts off all the kernels while leaving almost nothing behind. You're going to get the full value off your corn with this one!
  • CONVENIENT: If you're not a fan of eating corn off the cob, then the Corn in the Cob Cutter is definitely for you. This is a simple gadget that'll get you corn kernels in no time. This is the perfect gadget for households with small children or elderly people that might not have the jaw strength to eat from the cob.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The Corn in the Cob Cutter is top-rack dishwasher safe but can be cleaned just as well by hand with some water and soap.
  • COMPACT: The Corn in the Cob Cutter is very small and compact, making it easy to store in a cupboard or drawer. It does not take a lot of space in your kitchen at all!


  • 1 x Corn in the Cob Cutter


  • Measurement: 2.87 x 1.89" (7.3 x 4.8 cm)
  • Diameter: 1.3" (3.3 cm)
  • Material: stainless steel Protection Status