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Clip-On Macroscopic Phone Lens

 Ever wish there's an easy way to turn your phone into a DSLR? 📸 

Best Beginners' Macro Photography Accessories | Focus Rails | Adapters

The Clip-On Macroscopic Phone Lens is an awesome magnifier attachment for your smartphone. No complicated setup, no special mounts needed! Just clip it on, adjust the focus, and start shooting incredibly detailed macro images or videos.

If you're into photography, this Clip-On Macroscopic Phone Lens can definitely let you capture the most interesting photos yet! Fascinate your social media followers and perhaps your gallery's audience by highlighting the intricate details and ultra-clear shots of even the tiniest and farthest scenes. Since it's capable of zooming up to 60x, you'll likely capture many stunning objects that aren't readily visible to the naked eye. 😉✨



  • Crisp Macro Details: Our Clip-On Macroscopic Phone Lens lets you capture ultra-sharp close-up photos. It can zoom up to 60x to highlight interesting details and textures of your subject.
  • Universal Size: It has a standard size and easily clips on to any phone or tablet's camera. It fits perfectly so there's no awkward blockages and views.
  • Easy to Operate: Just clip it onto your device's camera and begin shooting!
  • LED Light: The Clip-On Macroscopic Phone Lens is a complete package, having an optical glass lens and a LED light to effectively supplement dark or night shots. Simply turn on the power switch to activate the LED light.
  • 60x Macro Lens: Other phone lenses can only accommodate 10x macro zoom. We spice up the fun by giving you an adjustable, powerful, and precise 60x macro zoom lens.
  • Get Creative: Take images to the next level with our Clip-On Macroscopic Phone Lens. Get detailed macro shots that are stunning, crystal clear, and creative. A good word of advice though: Take macro images approximately an inch away from your subject. 


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Clip-On Macroscopic Phone Lens Protection Status