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Car Head-Up Display


 No need to glance at your phone for notifications.

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Our Car Head-Up Display won't let you miss any important notification as everything will be displayed in front of you! If you're driving at unfamiliar terrains, our Car Head-Up Display allows you to see real-time navigation directions without comprising your safety. It's the perfect partner with everyday commutes and long journeys, letting you stay focused and connected while driving. Just place your phone on its dedicated phone holder and enjoy the clear, crisp, and vivid projections on its transparent screen.

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This modernized solution promotes simple installation, quick set-up and pairing, and trouble-proof connection. Plus, our Car Head-Up Display comes with wireless charging so you can enjoy a portable display while also energizing your phone.


  • Compact Design: Our Car Head-Up Display won’t block your sight when you are driving and it won’t occupy too much space in your car.
  • Wireless Charging: Plug in the line and you can navigate while charging.
  • Easy to Install: Just place it on your dashboard and flip open its screen. Whenever you place your phone, it instantly and wirelessly powers up your device and projects the display.
  • All-Day Projection: Whether used in broad daylight or dark nighttime, the Car Head-Up Display's projection effect remains as magnificent as ever. It provides clearly visible images, no matter the time of day, so you can easily find the information you need.
  • Fit Most Phones: The Car Head-Up Display can accommodate almost any phone. It can stretch to both sides and prevent your phones from falling out.  

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  • Phone models: Adapt to various models
  • Fixing method: Non-slip mat / Silicone pad
  • Product model: Wireless slow/fast charger and navigation phone holder
  • Product size: 16x10x1.8cm / 6.3x3.9x0.71in
  • Packing size: 19x10x2.4cm / 7.5x3.9x0.94in
  • Product gross weight: 160g / 0.35lb
  • Product net weight: 125g / 0.28lb 
  • Variations: Without wireless charging, With wireless slow charging, With wireless fast charging

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Car Head-Up Display
  • 1 x Charging cable Protection Status