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Butt-Lifting Shaper


Give yourself an extra confidence boost with this shapewear product!

This shaper allows you to be both slim and shapely without giving up that booty!



The Butt-Lifting Shaper is an amazing shapewear product that you wear to tuck excess fat around your belly area while giving your booty a little lift. It can be worn under your clothes to help you achieve a slimmer and shapelier figure without anyone even noticing! With this, you can definitely wear outfits you've always wanted to wear with no problem at all.

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  • SHAPING: The Butt-Lifting Shaper is an amazing shapewear product that tucks in excess belly around your core to give you a slimmer and shapelier figure. With this product around, you can definitely fit into your favorite form-fitting outfits and look fleek as heck!
  • LIFTING: Even though the Butt-Lifting Shaper tucks your excess fat around your belly area, it doesn't actually keep that booty of yours hidden. It actually lifts up your booty and makes it look perkier and prettier. You can be both slim and curvy!
  • COMFORTABLE: The Butt-Lifting Shaper is super comfortable and breathable. It does not feel very restrictive at all and won't affect the way you go about your day. You'll probably even forget that you're wearing it!
  • CONVENIENT: The Butt-Lifting Shaper is entirely non-slip so it won't slip down while you're wearing it. It holds its shape for the entire day so you won't have to keep readjusting it.
  • INCONSPICUOUS: The Butt-Lifting Shaper is very thin and inconspicuous. This can definitely be worn underneath your clothes to keep your figure shapely without anyone ever finding out you're even wearing it!




  • Measurement
    • XXS: 88.18 to 99.21 lb (40 to 45 kg)
    • XS: 99.21 to 110.23 lb (45 to 50 kg)
    • S: 110.23 to 121.25 lb (50 to 55 kg)
    • M: 121.25 to 132.28 lb (55 to 60 kg)
    • L: 132.28 to 143.30 lb (60 to 65 kg)
    • XL: 143.30 to 165.35 lb (65 to 75 kg)
    • XXL: 154.32 to 176.37 lb (70 to 80 kg)
    • XXXL: 165.35 to 187.39 lb (75 to 85 kg)
  • Material: spandex, nylon




  • 1 x Butt-Lifting Shaper Protection Status