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Bookmark Pen and Ruler


Let these cute animals help you out on your next studying session! 🥳🤩

These are the perfect writing tools for all of your writing needs! 🤩

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The Bookmark Pen and Ruler is a set of pens that come with fun, adorable animal designs on each pen. The pens all come in different colors so that you can efficiently highlight and organize your notes however you want.

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Each pen has a sharper edge that serves two purposes: one is to function as a ruler you can use to measure and draw straight lines, and the other as a bookmark you can use to ensure you never lose a page. Isn't it so convenient?

Grab a pack of these Bookmark Pen and Rulers today!



  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Not only is this a pen and not only is this a ruler, but it's also a bookmark! Yes, you heard that right! The Bookmark Pen and Ruler is a 3-in-1 ultimate school supply for all your writing needs. Simply take the cap off to use as a pen, use the sharper edge to use as a ruler, and slide down the sharper edge along some paper to use as a bookmark.

  • COMFORTABLE: Made with premium plastic, the Bookmark Pen and Ruler is very easy on the hands. It is comfortable to grip so you can use these pens for as long as you want. The surface is also quite smooth so you won't end up with any calluses!

  • AESTHETIC: With a 0.5 mm nib on each pen, the Bookmark Pen and Ruler has a very smooth and thick consistency that looks awesome on paper. The ink is very opaque and the colors are very striking. These are the perfect pens to have for making journals, studying, working, and so much more.


  • CUTE: Each Bookmark Pen and Ruler has a cute animal on it! There is a giraffe, a mouse, a crocodile, a rabbit, and other cute animals that are sure to put a smile on your face every time you use these adorable pens.


    • Measurement: 6.30 x 0.75" (16 x 1.9 cm)
    • Material: Plastic
    • Thickness: 0.5 mm Protection Status