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Bear Toilet Cleaner


Have a clean and fresh toilet all-year round!

This adorable bear is definitely something you'd want to have in your bathroom!


The Bear Toilet Cleaner is a very efficient cleaning device for your toilet, Inside this cleaner is a cleaning solution that eliminates bacteria and fungi from your water for up to three months, saving you so much time and energy! You simply open up one of the cleaners and dunk it into the tank of your toilet and let the product do the rest for you. It leaves the water a pleasant blue color.

It is also quite fragrant, emanating a nice fruity scent that'll totally make your bathroom a nice place to be in. There'll be no more nasty bacteria and foul odor with the Bear Toilet Cleaner around, that's for sure!


  • CLEANING: The Bear Toilet Cleanereffectively cleans your toilet as it is being used by releasing cleaning agents into the water itself. It cleans out the tank as well as your actual toilet. It removes bacteria and dirt that may be hard to clean by hand so you won't have to!
  • LONG-LASTING: One Bear Toilet Cleaner can last up to three months. This long-lasting feature saves you a lot of water, time, and energy for your convenience!
  • FRAGRANT: In addition to cleaning your bathroom, the Bear Toilet Cleaner releases a fragrant, fruity scent that eliminates bad odor from using the toilet. Your bathroom is going to smell absolutely fresh and clean all day with this amazing cleaning product!
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Open up a bottle of our Bear Toilet Cleaner by breaking the seal and popping the lid off. Next, open up the tank of your toilet and drop by the open bottle. The cleaning solution should start dissolving instantly, turning your water blue.


  • 1 x Bear Toilet Cleaner


  • Measurement: 2.42 x 4.07" (6.14 x 10.33 cm)
  • Material: microbial fungicide, essence, active agent
  • Weight: 7.05 oz (200 g) Protection Status