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Antibacterial Fridge Mat

😱 Dirty fridges can ruin your food and your family's health. 😱

These Antibacterial Fridge Mats can keep your food fresher while also keeping your fridge tidy and hygienic. It's waterproof and odor-proof, and it features a nice cushioning effect for all of your foods. Your fruits and veggies won't easily spoil, rot, or bruise! 

Our Antibacterial Fridge Mats come in 4 cute and bright colors to give a pop of blush to your fridge. With its modern design, they can also be used as a shelf liner, cabinet liner, placemat, desk mat, and more. 👍


  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Our Antibacterial Fridge Mats are made from BPA-free, odorless, and anti-bacterial silicone material. They're safe for direct food contacts too.
  • CUSHIONING EFFECT: They help prevent bruising, keeping your fruits and vegetables fresher than ever and extending their shelf life inside your fridge.
  • SPILL-PROOF AND LEAK-PROOF: These Antibacterial Fridge Mats can keep your fridge clean and dry. Simply put them in your fridge's shelf and they'll instantly catch spills, leaks, and moisture for a spotless cooler.
  • ANTI-SLIP: They keep your foods in place. No skidding, really.
  • ODOR-FREE: Freshen up your fridge by removing those nasty smells! These mats promote good air circulation, thereby preventing mold growth as well.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: You can spice things up and use your creativity to maximize the use of our Antibacterial Fridge Mats. They can be used as placemats or as decorative liners for your cabinet, drawer, wardrobe, countertop, dining table, and kitchen.
  • EASY CLEANUP: They're anti-grease and stain-resistant so they are convenient to wash and clean. Just pull them out and toss in your dishwasher.  


  • Material: EVA
  • Size: 11.8 x 17.7"
  • Color: White, Green, Blue, Pink 

Package Includes:

  • 2/4/10/20 Antibacterial Fridge Mats Protection Status