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Amazing Retractable Stool

Portable Folding Stool™ Convenient Camping Chair – The Cube Level | Folding  stool, Unique stools, Portable stool

Whenever you are camping, hiking, outdoors, or even falling in line, it can get a little exhausting especially when you have to walk or stand straight over long periods of time. It can get annoying eventually & may lead to legs & feet soreness!

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This Amazing Retractable Stool can fold to almost the size of a paper, allowing you to carry it anywhere you go! Seat & rest on the go!

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  • Portable & Compact-Size Fold: Its folded appearance is as small as a regular dinner plate (10 inches), which helps you to store it from your bag, or even carry it by its built-in handle! Bring it anywhere whenever you're outside.

  • Adjustable Height: It can be adjusted based on your desired height within the range of 2.4 to 18 inches, which makes it suitable for use among children to most adults!

  • Sturdy & Stable Support: It's made of high-strength, heavy-duty materials that can carry weight up to 440lbs! It provides much-needed stability on your sitting together with its non-slip bottom base. Seat without any worries!

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  • Easy to Use: It's very simple to fold & to extend that it can be done even by kids! Check out these easy 4 steps on how to use & store this stool below:

  • Suitable for any outdoor activities: Whether you are fishing, camping, hiking, having a picnic, or just enjoying nature, you can definitely count on this Amazing Retractable Stoolwhen you need to unwind for a little bit!


  • Material: High-Quality Nylon + ABS
  • Folded Size: 9.8in diameter x 2.4in thick
  • Extended Size: 10 x 18in
  • Weight Capacity: 440 lbs
  • Product Weight: 2.8lbs
  • Color: Red / Blue / Black / Yellow / Gray

Package Includes:

  • 1x Amazing Retractable Stool Protection Status